1. Superman(수퍼맨)

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"I've lost my job because Busan has its Police Department."

2. Spider Man(스파이더맨)

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"I've lost my job because Busan has its Police Department."

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Cute reaction : Someone actually believed this was a real man wearing the costume and put some chocolates for him.

* 가장 귀여운 리액션: 어떤 사람이 진짜 거지인줄 알고 초코렛을 놓고 갔음. 

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Making of Spider Man

제작 현장 / 시공 장면. 

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3. Batman (배트맨)


This guy is literally resting for losing his job because he couldn't be installed on the subway.

얘는 지하철에 설치를 못해서 진짜 할일이 없어서 쉬고 있음.

경찰청_코스튬_조선일보1.jpg    경찰청_코스튬_조선일보.jpg


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